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Dennis Schwindt.png

Dennis Schwindt

Member of the Board

Dennis Schwindt has over 15 years experience in the coal trading and the energy and commodity sector. He holds a degree in Economics from the Humboldt University in Berlin is the Chief Executive Officer of the international commodity trading company HMS Bergbau AG that is the majority shareholder of Maatla Resources. He has been managing several operating projects within the commodity trading area as the company’s authorised representative since 2012. He gained extensive experience in engineering and in the oil and gas industries from his previous positions at medium-sized German companies and international groups.

Jacques Badenhorst.png

Jacques Badenhorst

Member of the Board & CEO

Jacques Badenhorst is a metallurgist with over 27 years’ experience in operations and project development management of diverse mining projects, ranging from coal, gold and manganese to titanium and diamond. He is a cofounder of Maatla Resources and responsible for implementing the coal business as the Chief Executive Officer. He has been the Managing Director of the ASX-listed, Zamanco Minerals Limited and the mineral processing company MRD.

He is a member of the South African Institute for Mining and Metallurgy, the Mine Metallurgical Managers Association and the Institute of Directors SA.

In the past, Jacques has worked for Grinaker / LTA Process Engineering and Anglo-American Corporation. Jacques was a founding member of MRD, implementing and operating various medium- and large-scale mineral projects.

Jens Moir.png

Jens Moir

Member of the Board

Jens Moir is a member of the Maatla Resources Board of directors and has more than 20 years of experience as a CFO and senior finance executive in the international steel construction, oil and gas industries, with renewable energy and companies in the entertainment industry. Jens Moir is the CFO of HMS Bergbau AG. Most recently, he advised several technology start-up companies. Mr Moir holds both British and German citizenship and has international experience in Germany, Poland, Austria and the USA.

Bertus Venter.png

Bertus Venter

Member of the Board & Director of Marketing and Logistics

Bertus Venter is a member of the Maatla Resources Board of Directors and the Director Marketing & Logistics. He has over 30 years of experience in the mining industry including deployments in Finance and Administration Management, Inbound and Outbound Logistics Management, Operational Management, Health and Safety Management, Human Resource Management, Commercial Management, Procurement and Sales Management. He holds UNISA B Compt degree and has extensive experience in start-up of the South African coal mining ventures. Bertus is the Managing director of HMS Bergbau Africa (Pty.) Ltd and coordinates the HMS group’s investments and trading operations in South Africa.

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